JICA Alumnus southeastern Europe regional meeting was held in Skopje, 18.12.2015

JICA Alumnus southeastern Europe regional meeting was held this year in Skopje, in December. In a very positive ambience, we talked about joint activities which „Alumni couples implemented in the last period. Being a „couple“ with Serbia, we reported about successfully implemented workshop on environmental protection in Belgrade, where the guest-lecturer was our member Sinisa Bencun, as well as about preparation of the same workshop continuation but now in Bijeljina, where our Association will be the host. Also, we talked about activities in future period, and the special support and focus was given to a young team from Montenegro, having in mind that they are newly established JICA Alumni. We were happy to see all participants' excitement about our suggestion to meet next year in Sarajevo, so next time we will have opportunity to report from „our“ field!:))


Seminar „Floods and landslides: prevention, preparedness and intervention“ held in Sarajevo on 14 November 2015 - 16.11.2015. -

The seminar was held in Sarajevo, 14 November 2015, in hotel Saraj. The President of the Association Melika Arifhodzic opened the seminar and gave the floor to H.E. Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kazuya Ogawa, who enhanced the importance of this event with his presence. Ambassador congratulated for the seminar organization and gave a brief overview of the type and volume of assistance that Japan offered to Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in the period after the floods, which consisted through financial and help in equipment, humanitarian aid, projects of reconstruction of facilities destroyed by the floods and landslides, etc. Following the Program of the Seminar, lecturers from public and private sector, Mr. Idriz Brkovic, dr. Enes Šeperović and Mr. Petar Begović, presented themes from this field, giving precious information about the structure of international system and assistance, and suggested some new solutions to the problems in question. Organizers and moderators of the seminar, mr. Toni Nikolic and dr. Samir Huseinbasic, lead the discussion in direction of light of global and regional (European) instruments and disaster protection mechanisms, which are further complicated by global warming. Also, Sendai framework for reducing of disaster risks that was adopted at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, in March 2015, was presented. Participants were also given details about the European Floods Directive by which national regulations need to be harmonized, and then followed by development and implementation of strategies and action plans. Also, methodologies that are used in the field of risk evaluation, and methodologies that are related in the relevant sectors were presented. After the presentations, the participants took part in discussion by comments and suggestions, contributing also with written ideas and recommendation that might be used in forms of projects in near future.


Development of Recycling Policy -24.04.2015.-

Rok za prijavu: 12. juni 2015.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 26. avgusta 2015 do 12. septembra 2015.


Enhancement of the Ability to Support SMEs for Improvement of their Product Quality and Productivity -04.04.2015.-


Zapisnik sa sjednice Skupštine Udruženja, održane u Sarajevu 07.02.2015.godine


Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies -16.03.2015.-


Capacity Development for Flood Risk Management with IFAS -03.03.2015.-


Dr Lagumdžija - ambasador Yamazaki: Vlada Japana umjesto obećanih 10 miliona KM, Bosni i Hercegovini na raspolaganje stavila 27 miliona KM nakon poplava -26.02.2015. -


Days of Japan in Bijeljina, 20-22 February 2015

JICA Alumni BiH organized „Days of Japan in Bijeljina“, an event dedicated to culture of Japan. Name itself says that this is not just one, but four events scheduled in 3 days, from 20th to 22nd February 2015.
First day was consisted of two workshops at primary school „Sveti Sava“. First workshop was for pupils of 3rd grade, where origami master Ms. Stoja Gavranović delivered theoretical and practical aspect of origami, showing three different types of origami figures to pupils. Thirty pupils were included in this workshop, 3 members of JICA Alumni and our guest form JICA, Mr. Mioshi, who afterwards gave a short statement for local TV station. Same day afternoon another workshop was delivered for all of school teachers, including several teachers from sister school of this central Bijeljina primary school, whose one part was reconstructed by Japanese funds. The aim of this workshop was to enable continuous work of teachers on origami with pupils after the workshop. More than 30 present teachers were very interested, staying at workshop double longer than planned. Ms. Gavranović provided several books about origami for school’s library.
Second day we had the event open for all interested citizens. It was consisted of two parts. First part „Haiku in Japan and the Balkans“ was dedicated to lesson on haiku poetry, leaded by special guest Mr. Nedeljko Terzić, publisher, journalist and haiku writer, rewarded in Japan for his poetry. Second part, named „Possibility of origami art“, was dedicated to origami as art and life philosophy, leaded by Ms. Gavranović. More than 50 present citizens were enjoying this event, where JICA alumnists provided intro session giving their own anecdotes from Japan. This event was also covered by state and local media, like RTRS, BNTV, and Slobomir TV.
Third day, there was a projection of old Japanese movie „Ran“ from the last century. Fifty people were enjoying almost 3 hours of this Kurosava's masterpiece.


Dani Japana u Bijeljini od 20. do 22. februara 2015.


- Petak, 20. februar, OŠ "Sveti Savo"

14:30 Origami radionica za učenike

16:30 Origami radionica za nastavnike

- Subota, 21. februar, Gradska galerija

(otvorena za sve zainteresovane)

17:00 - 18:30 predavanje i razgovor na teme:

"Mogućnosti koje pruža origami umjetnost",

Stoja Gavranović, origami majstor

"Haiku u Japanu i na Balkanu", Nedeljko Terzić,

Književnik i novinar

- Nedelja, 22. februar, Centar za kulturu

19:00 Projekcija filma "Ran" (Revolt)

japanskog reditelja Akira Kurosave




Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Air Pollution Source Management -30.01.2015.-


Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Environmental Education -27.01.2015.-


Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Community Capacity and Rural Development - Focusing on One Village One Product Movement -27.01.2015.-


Regional JICA Alumni meeting held in Podgorica, 25-26 November 2014

Alumni associations from Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered for the 5th Regional JICA Alumni meeting in Podgorica. Possibilities on more intensive regional cooperation between the associations were discussed, as well as possible joint activities in the near future. The second day of the meeting, ex participants from Montenegro joined in, and they expressed the will to establish their JICA Alumni association. The meeting was held 25 and 26 November. President of JICA Alumni BiH Melika Arifhodzic and President of Managing Board Ranka Mandic were present on behalf of our association.



Seminar “Lean Concept and Manufacturing” held in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Interest in this subject proves the fact that there were 40 participants form different economic fields, private and public institution. Another workshop is agreed with Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska in December 2014. Power point presentations can be downloaded on this linku. In cooperation with Japan Tobacco Senta, in Serbia a visit to this Japanese lead factory is agreed, where students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering can see the Lean concept being implemented on site.



Seminar "Network of school-friends of environment”, 25 October, 2014

Seminar “Network of environmentally friendly schools” as a part of the project “Building of education network for peace in BiH” is held on Vlasic, 25 October 2014. The seminar gathered directors, pedagogue and teachers who lead ecologic sections of 10 elementary schools from municipalities Tesanj and Doboj-South: Dzemal Bijedic“, „Resad Kadic“, „1.mart", „Kulin ban“, „Huso Hodzic“, „Abdulvehab Ilhamija“, „9. septembar“, „Gazi Ferhad-beg“, „Mustafa Mulic“ i „21.mart“. The instructors were experts from the relevant fields, and our goal was to expand our network and strengthen mutual cooperation. By educating young generations we strive to enhance their awareness that each of us individually, by acting in a different way, can contribute to the change of attitude toward the environment, and to raise awareness of environment. With a joint action we can influence the decision making process and issue solving in local communities.


Two-day workshop “Creative Tourism”, Blagaj, 17-18 October, 2014

“Creative Tourism” is the title of two-day workshop organized by JICA Alumni in BiH in cooperation with STK Blagaj City in Blagaj, 17 and 18 October. In the workshop basic aspects of Creative Tourism were discussed, which, as a newer type of tourism, has becoming more interesting to tourists inclining toward eco, natural, and community-based tourism, that is the tourism whose focus is on local community with all its cultural, historical, natural and traditional features. Creative tourism includes participation of tourists in more or less demanding creative activities, thereby supporting local community economy. Tourists through creative tourism services participate in an activity or buy souvenirs in which creation they themselves participated. The workshop gathered representatives of tourist agencies who deal with incoming tourism in Herzegovina, members of NGO sector, tourism oriented clubs and young people who are already in or have interest to get involved in tourism industry. The presenters first gave introduction to the term of Creative Tourism and tourism trends in the world, significance of selling online these kind of tourism services, with a special focus on social networks. In the interactive part of the workshop a great number of creative tourism idea was shared, which can be established fast and through which young people and local community can enrich the offer and increase their income.
Melika Arifhodzic, eco tourism development consultant
Dunja Pejić, tourism development expert
mr. Jozo Bejić, secretary in the Ministry of crafts and entrepreneurship
Mira Jović, coordinator of Eko Pliva Project
Organizers: Melika Arifhodzic on behalf of JICA Alumni BiH, Melisa Jasarevic on behalf of STK Blagaj City


Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Capacity Development for Export and Investment Promotion -28.10.2014.-

Rok za prijavu: 01. decembar 2014.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 16. februara 2015 do 14. marta 2015.


Seminar "Lean Concept and Manufacturing”, Banjaluka, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, 01 November, 2014, at 09:30

Invitation for interactive workshop on Lean Japanese manufacturing management


Seminar "Network of school-friends of environment”, Vlasic, 25. October 2014

Seminar " Network of school-friends of environment” as a part of the project “Building of education network for peace in BiH” will be held in Vlasic, 25 October 2014. Information on e-mail:


Workshop “Creative Tourism”, Blagaj, 17 and 18 October 2014

The workshop will be held in Blagaj, on 17 and 18 October, and is organized by JICA Alumni BiH in cooperation with STC-Blagaj.
Herzegovina region is exceptionally rich in natural resources and cultural and historical heritage from different periods of history, diverse geographic features and climate, which makes it very attractive to tourists. Increase of tourists for the region is evident, which in normal circumstances should result in positive economic courses as in local so on the higher level. However, there is general understanding that the potentials are not enough used in tourism purposes as well as that there is no strategic activity of employing young generation in tourism industry. Analyzing these facts, we came to an idea to organize a workshop “Creative tourism” which is about the involvement of young people in the tourism industry in order to increase their income.
We invite to come and join this workshop if you are interested in this subject or just want to contribute by sharing your views and experience.


Industrial Pollution Control Management -02.10.2014.-

Rok za prijavu: 21. novembar 2014.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 28. januara 2015 do 25. aprila 2015.


Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Comprehensive Waste Management -26.08.2014.-

Rok za prijavu: 14. novembar 2014.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 12. Januara 2015 do 7. marta 2015.


Evening of Japanese Culture, Sunday, 14 June 2014, Jazavac Theatre, Seven years of tradition


„Programi stipendiranja Japanske Vlade" - JAPAN - MEXT stipendije za 2015. -08.05.2014. -


Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Promotion of Energy Conservation in Commercial and Residential Sector (A) (J14-04147) -17.04.2014-

Rok za prijavu: 11. juli 2014.
Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 21 septembra 2014 to 11 novembra 2014


JAPAN - JIRCAS - istraživački program stipendija za zemlje u razvoju, KEK - stipendije za doktorski studij za strane studente -01.04.2014 -


„Programi stipendiranja Japanske Vlade" - JAPAN - Nacionalni institut za diplomske studije politike (GRIPS) -18.03.2014. -


„Programi stipendiranja Japanske Vlade" JAPAN - Daito Bunka University, Institut za poslovna istraživanja, Tokio, programi stipendiranja -18.03.2014. -


- 10.03.2014. Grant aid of Japan aimed to support economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vice chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatko Lagumdzija and ambassador of Japan in BiH Hideo Yamazaki signed and exchanged the notes on Grant Aid of Japan to BiH implementation, for procurement of meteorological, medical and equipment for weather disaster protection.

More information on MoFA BiH site


- 06.03.2014 - Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies (C) JFY 2014

Rok za prijavu: 10. april 2014.
Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 28 Maja 2014 to 10 Jula 2014

- Brošura

- Pozivno pismo

- Aplikacioni obrazac

- Izvještaj

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Detalji za informacije na ili +387 33 220 190, Nina Bejtić

ili na sajtu Ministarstva vanjskih poslova BiH


„Promotion of friendship between BiH and Japan “, Banja Luka, 14 February 2014


“Promotion of friendship between BiH and Japan” was an activity organized by JICA Alumni which was held in the amphitheater of the Institute for Public Health, Banja Luka. Several students of highs schools, teachers, members of JICA Alumni and Japanese culture lovers joined this event.
The event was organized by Suzana Gotovac – Atlagic and Marko Tutnjevic, members of the Association, with cordial help of Mrs and Mr. Kusakabe, guests from Japan.
The event included the following agenda:
1. Organizer’s welcome word : “JICA Alumni in BiH”, mr.ecc. Marko Tutnjevic;

2. “Nihon no genki”, anecdotes Doc. Dr. Suzana Gotovac-Atlagic, ex Japanese scholarship student and honorary member of JICA Alumni in BiH
3. “Nihon no bunka shoukai”, presentation of Japanese culture, Prof. Dr. Satoshi Kusakabe;
4. “Ganbaru chikara”, unplugged, life story of young people in after war Japan and its struggle to rehabilitate, Mrs. Kusakabe;
5. Sushi snack and refreshment for visitors
In the opening part, Marko Tutnjevic introduced the Association and underlined that significant number of BiH people had chance to experience life in Japan, in duration from 1-2 months to several years and that majority of them put their effort to apply the knowledge gathered in Japan to everyday professional situations in BiH.
Suzana Gotovac-Atlagic shared some photographs with smiling faces of Japanese people whom she spent her time with in Japan. She talked about the strength of spirit of these people in hard times, still keeping smile on their faces. She also mentioned their modest way of living, without exaggeration in clothing, and love for simple things, hobbies, searching for the purpose of life in everyday small things, friendship and spirit of solidarity. At the same time, besides this simplicity in behavior and relaxed appearance, Japanese are characterized by extraordinary professionalism, preciseness and commitment to what they undertook as their responsibility. It was emphasized that it would be good if this spirit we, and through cooperation in group and solidarity.
The special guest in the evening was prof. Satoshi Kusakabe. Professor Kusakabe was a teacher in Tokyo Rika Daigaku University. He holds a PhD in chemistry, but after his retirement as a successful scientist, he chose to work in Japanese culture and language promotion in Europe. This is why he lives now between Maribor and Zagreb, and he works as an associate at the University of Zagreb. He presented a scheme of Japanese history and the role of education in the country’s development, stressing high level literacy, as from 1918 onwards over 99% of Japanese graduated from high schools. Then he presented the pictures of devastated Tokyo 1945 and compared them with today’s Tokyo, emphasizing the role of young people in the after war reconstruction.
Mrs. Kusakabe held a pleasant closing presentation. In her young age, she was very active in helping suffering people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She emphasized great courage showed by of Japanese women, mothers in these hard times and communal spirit. Her presentation was aimed to prove that human beings show their maximum strength when doing things for others, and not only for themselves.
Given the fact that it was the Valentine day, Mrs. Kusakabe told us a few funny stories from her marriage with Mr. Kusakabe and stressed that in a marriage it was very important that both husband and wife have their own interest, hobbies and dreams and to support each other.
At the end a discussion started, where students and teachers asked about Mrs. And Mr. Kusakabe’s impressions in Europe. After 30 minutes of discussion, the program was over and the guests were served with sushi snacks and refreshments, and they enjoyed Japanese pop music.


Ostale slike u Galeriji

Report prepared : Suzana Gotovac - Atlagic i Marko Tutnjevic


„Green Economy“, Banja Luka, 13.02.2014. godine


Following the world trends and interests, JICA Alumni organized a workshop titled “Green economy”. The workshop was held on 13 February 2014 in Banja Luka.
Green economy is a model based on the concept of sustainable development that is integrally leaned on renewable energy, green buildings, sustainable transportation, water, waste and soil management, in order to increase sustainability, profitability, competitiveness and employment. With this workshop, we wanted to investigate how to integrate elements of green economy into the tourism sector, accentuating use of renewable energy and correct use of sewage. There is an evident need for better and more solid linking of scientific and research sector to real sector. In other words, it is necessary to bring into practice technical and technology systems which contribute to the primary goal of the green economy: well-being of people, social equality and mitigation of negative impacts on environment, and this was placed as focus of this workshop. The lectures, Tatjana Jandric, prof. Petar Gvero PhD, Danijela Kardas, Jovan Dukuc, tackled these issues in a very interesting way, and the participants who came from different levels and organizations (NGO, public administration sector, private sector) agreed that future cooperation on various level should be initiated in this regard.
Special attention was given to introduction of two systems: solar air conditioning and increase of energy efficacy of facilities by using waste water, both applied in tourism industry.
Solar potential is significant, especially in the part of the country near the Adriatic Sea, although it is only partially exploited. The poor economic situation and inadequate regulations pose hindrance to more serious investment in this field.
Introduction of technologies that enable cooling in summer, the period when it is the mostly needed, opens possibilities to significant energy save and favorable impacts to the environment.
By using solar energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the estimation of Adria Cold project, it is possible to achieve up to 30% energy save, especially in public sector, tourism industry or hospitality, agriculture and service industry. When it comes to hospitality, solar energy can be used for lighting, room and other facilities air conditioning, water heating, coolers and chillers and in transportation industry.
Also, sewage can also serve as an interesting source for heating in spaces where people either reside or move through, such as hospitals, dormitories, military barracks, hotels, etc. Sewage is a stable source of energy, and its temperature change throughout a year is very low. More than 70% energy coming from sewage is waste water (which is of course free of charge). The rest (30%) is transformed electric power. The key thing in this process is a low environmental impact.
Energy from waste waters is mainly used for meeting constant energy demands, whereas conventional systems are used for covering critical points in energy consumption. This significant energy potential can be exploited by use of heating pump.
After exceptionally interesting lectures and active discussion which arouse after, a clear need to direct the economy to “green tracks” using the concept of sustainability and innovative technology solutions is identified.
This workshop was organized by Dunja Pejic and Petar Gvero, members of the Management Board of JICA Alumni in BiH.


This workshop was organized by Dunja Pejic and Petar Gvero, members of the Management Board of JICA Alumni in BiH.

Minutes of meeting from the JICA Alumni Assembly in BiH, Sarajevo 01 February 2014


- Document from Minutes of meeting from the JICA Alumni Assembly in BiH, Sarajevo 01 February 2014


- 13.02.2014. - Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Education for Peace through Promoting Mutual Understanding JFY 2014

Rok za prijavu: 3. mart 2014.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 15 maja 2014 do 21 Juna 2014

Detaljne informacije možete naći ovdje


- 13.02.2014. - Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Poboljšavanje znanja o Ekologiji (Environmental Education)

Rok za prijavu: 14. mart 2014
Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 25 maja 2014 do 04 jula 2014
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- 13.02.2014. - Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Alternative Power Generation Technology for Low Carbon Society (A) JFY 2014

Rok za prijavu: 17. mart 2014.

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 14 maja 2014 do 19 Juna 2014

Detaljne informacije možete naći ovdje


- 13.02.2014. - Poziv za kurs u Japanu: Participatory Community Development for Practitioners for Reconciliation and Creation of Society for Coexistence JFY 2014

Rok za prijavu: 17. mart 2013

Vrijeme održavanja u Japanu od 7 maja 2014 do 28 Juna 2014
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- 07.02.2014. -Workshop “Green Economy”, on Thursday, 13 February 2014, at 10:00h in Banja Luka, Hotel “Vidovic”, conference room

We invite you to join our workshop “Green Economy”, which will be held on Thursday, 13 February 2014, at 10h in hotel “Vidovic” conference room, Banja Luka.
Green economy stands for a model based on sustainable development concept, integrally leaned on the following sectors: renewable sources of energy, green buildings, sustainable transportation, water, waste and soil management, with the aim of sustainability, profitability, competitiveness and employment increase. In this workshop we would like to search for possibilities how to integrate elements of green economy into tourism industry, focusing on use of renewable energy sources and proper waste water management.
The workshop will have the following agenda:
10:00 - 10:10 Welcome and JICA Alumni BiH introduction
10:10 - 10.40 Green economy; Tatjana Jandric (SWOT)
10:40 – 11:10 Sustainable development in hospitality – green hotels; Dunja Pejic (Ministry of Trade and Tourism RS)
11:10 – 11:40 Adria COLD project; Jovan Dukic (Institute for Economics)
11:40 – 12:00 Break
12:00 – 12.30 Solar cooling; Petar Gvero (Faculty of mechanical engineering)
12:30 – 13:00 Use of sewage heat for energy supply to hotels; Danijela Kardas, Energy club


We kindly ask you to confirm your participation on until Tuesday, 11 February 2014, the latest

With Respect,
Melika Arifhodzic, President of JICA Alumni in BiH

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